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First Things First

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Hiya! My name is Casey - I'm the Founder and Creative Director for Sylven, and after having been in business for a full year, it's high time I started to put together some of the happenings from these last crazy months.

I'm calling our blog 'happenings' because that's exactly what I'll be writing about. All of the things going on with us and with our friends and allies. 

It's been a mighty fine first year, and for anyone who knows me or follows along with our social media fairly closely, you may know that I absolutely love photo shoots. In fact, before I launched Sylven, I was an Art Director in charge of concepting and executing all sorts of product and styled shoots, and it's still one of my favorite things to do. 

If I had started writing about our happenings as they were first, well, happening, then the very first post probably would have been about our launch campaign shoot. So without further adieu, may I present the first campaign for Sylven New York.

Sylven New York Anne boot in black  

Sylven New York Rae boot in oak

The images above were beautifully photographed by the extremely talented Andre Rucker. I knew that I wanted the campaign to really highlight how waterproof the styles were, and so I began thinking about how to show the shoes interacting with water directly. Andre specializes in fantastical imagery, and I knew I really wanted to capture something with movement, and of course with plants!

We came up with three different methods to show movement within water, and coupled with the three inaugural Sylven styles, our first campaign was born!

Sylven New York

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