Our Origins

Founded in September of 2017, Sylven New York began in response to Founder and Creative Director Casey Dworkin’s need to build a meaningful brand around footwear essentials following a devastating apartment fire. The original concept began as a direct-to-consumer model with an emphasis on ethical and sustainable production. 
“After the fire, I had to start everything over from scratch - I walked away with only the clothes on my back, and it allowed me to really take inventory of what my needs were, both in and outside of my role in the footwear industry.”
In November of 2018, Sylven New York ventured into the brick and mortar space with a multi-brand retail concept called The Better Shop. 
“The shop opened up an entire arsenal of new opportunities, and really allowed me to grow and transition in unforeseen ways. I kept coming back to the idea of making vegan shoe options, but wanted to be really responsible about the materials I was going to use as the vast majority of vegan footwear is made from virgin plastics, and that is not something I could support as a sustainable designer.”
After more than a year of development and research, Autumn/Winter of 2019 launches not only Sylven’s inaugural vegan collection, but an elevated made in Italy “glow-up” for the brand itself. 
“I want to make both sustainably sourced leather footwear, and sustainable vegan footwear at the same level and with the same quality materials. I want to prove that vegan shoes can be beautifully crafted with the same artisanship as luxury leather footwear, and in the same facilities.”
Sylven New York stands for reimagining what it means to produce sustainably. We are not here to chastise anyone for their views, or preach to anyone what is or isn’t sustainable. Our goal is to take our expertise in sustainability, and our expertise on footwear production, and put forth beautifully crafted shoes that anyone can feel good wearing.