Who We Are

When it came to designer shoes, Sylven New York founder Casey Dworkin spotted an unavoidable pattern: they could hardly withstand a year of wear and tear from her New York City life, let alone weather a single rainstorm. An outdoor adventurer at heart but city girl by definition, Dworkin sought to fuse the two spheres by crafting a modern and sleek collection of waterproof luxury footwear perfect for hitting the pavement or the trails. 

Sylven New York is the culmination of Dworkin’s professional experience in the footwear industry and background in product design. Her approach to shoes meticulously considers every detail of not only how they will be worn, but also worn in

Sylven draws inspiration from nature (our name comes from an Italian word for a “mythical woodland spirit”), placing equal consideration into sleekness, durability, and coexistence with the elements. All our footwear styles are designed in Brooklyn, New York and handcrafted in Spain from the highest quality custom-developed waterproof leathers and suedes.

Our mission is to create the type of footwear that exemplifies the strength, beauty, and resilience of the modern woman wearing them. Whether she’s climbing mountains or the stairs to her fifth floor walk up, kicking through glass ceilings or stomping through undiscovered terrain, the Sylven New York woman is always stylish, pragmatic, adventurous, and ready to weather the storm.