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Our Social Mission

At Sylven, we are inspired by Mother Nature every day. That’s why we look out for her as much as possible with our commitment to a Slow Fashion Approach.

The Slow Fashion movement is designed to correct the unsustainable practices common within the fashion industry today. We rectify the misuse of our forests and natural resources by focusing on... 


We acknowledge that our choices have environmental and social impacts. Every decision we make is aimed at benefitting the world and its people in creative and sustainable ways.

Slowing Down

Our designs are dictated by our creative team’s inspiration rather than a need to meet seasonal trends. By slowing down production and reducing the use of materials, we craft our shoes to be timeless while producing less waste.


We strive to source ethical and sustainable materials whenever possible and are committed to seeking out new innovations within every stage of production. 


Our shoes are made from the highest quality designer materials. By sourcing only the finest fabrics and resources available, we create beautiful and lasting designs that ensure the longevity of our products.