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Meet our Founder

Casey Dworkin founder of Sylven New York  portrait picture

Casey Dworkin was born on Earth Day, and has been dedicated to sustainable practices from a young age as a result. Her creative interests led her to pursue fashion, and she completed a degree from Drexel University in a combination of Product Design and Fashion Merchandising. Her alma mater recently recognized her for her work in sustainable shoe design and production in their 40 Under 40 profile.

Prior to launching her own line, Dworkin spent her professional career working within small footwear and fashion companies, and attributes a lot of her early knowledge and experience to “being thrown in the deep end.” When she decided to launch a company of her own, she felt compelled to base her brand equally on craftsmanship, design, and mission – finally getting the opportunity to combine her affinities for both fashion and sustainability.

Recently, Casey has been working to redesign footwear from the inside out, and has been focusing on materials and components such as apple leather (a vegan material made from organic apple waste), linings made from wheat and corn byproducts, leathers treated naturally with tree barks, and vegan leathers derived from 100% recycled fibers.