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Sustainable Practices

Before we dive into our sustainable practices, we want to clearly define what we mean by 'sustainable'.
To us, sustainability is the environmental, ecological, and social impact that we have as a brand.

We acknowledge that our choices have consequences - both positive and negative. As creators, we take our role in producing new items very seriously, and we strive to minimize our resource usage and overall footprint in every possible way.


The first question we ask of every material we use is 'what happens when this breaks down?' We consider our product's end-life before it has even begun, and this principle often guides us in selecting the materials chosen for each of our shoes.

We aim to use recycled, and recyclable materials whenever possible, and often select 'deadstock' textiles, or textiles that are off-cuts or leftovers from larger brands that would otherwise go to waste. We seek out natural fibers, and materials that can return to the Earth at the end of their life as a product.

Research and development for new and innovative materials is a huge priority to us, and we are constantly working with our factories to test new materials to continue to reduce our impact, and put out products that we feel proud to call sustainably made.

We are committed to reduce our plastic use, and are currently in the process of developing non-synthetic vegan leather alternatives that will be released in August of 2019.


We slow down our production cycle to minimize the overall amount we create. Instead of releasing large collections four times a year like standard fashion brands, we focus on creating the right product at the right time. We also focus on creating limited batches of each style to keep our production runs small and tight.

We work with certified ethical factories in Spain and Italy that help facilitate our mission to reduce and reuse materials whenever possible. Our factory partners truly are our partners, and we keep in constant communication to ensure that our vision is executed from concept through to final product.


Footwear production is an ever-evolving process and we are constantly striving to find ways to be better. We do our best to minimize our impact and find the best materials and components as possible, but we are always seeking new and innovative ways to push the boundaries and further the conversation on what makes a product sustainable. We want to bring sustainable production to both our non-vegan and our vegan supporters, and one of our current goals is to make a fully plastic-free vegan shoe. We are very close to our goal, and will continue to make strides in ethical and sustainable footwear practices.