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Inside Our Factories

Located in the Tuscan region in Italy, our factories make some of the highest quality footwear in the world.

True Partners

We have scoured the globe to find the best artisans who not only know the centuries' old traditions of shoemaking, but are also just as curious and excited as we are to work with new materials and techniques. Having partners we can trust makes all the difference when it comes to delivering our spectacular finished product.

Ethically Certified

We are extremely proud of our family owned and operated facilities. Our factories are constantly monitored and go through rigorous certification programs to ensure ethical labor practices, and sustainable manufacturing practices are being implemented and 100% of our artisans are making fair wages. We personally visit each of our facilities, and love spending time at our factories.

Locally Sourced

Everything from our last factory (where our shoe forms get made) to our tanneries, even to where our apple waste is sourced for our Apple Leather comes from Italy.

Not only is Italy known for being the premiere country for designer quality footwear, but by keeping all of our components geographically close, we help to cut down on our carbon emissions.